Almodóvar del Campo, España
CM-4110 Almodóvar del Campo Castilla-La Mancha 13580 ES

A family owned guiding tour company from the local area who are passionate about birding and promoting the natural resources of The Alcudia Valley, Sierra Madrona and nearby natural reserve areas in Central Spain. The Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona was appointed as a Natural Reserve Park in 2011 but the history of this Valley goes back to Roman times and contain an amazing biological diversity and cultural sites.

The Alcudia Valley Birdwatching team has the knowledge of the area, best time of the season to watch the different species and the best sites for birdwatching.

Alcudia Valley Birdwatching has a very strict ethical code to preserve, respect and take care of the environment. Our mission is to preserve for future generations our most precious legacy, our land and the species living within (animal and plants).